“We are pleased to provide information about the “International Innovation Management and TRIZ Conference” to be held in Baku, Azerbaijan from December 7th to 10th, 2023. This conference is organized by the Size Innovation Management and TRIZ Institute (IMTI), the National Aviation Academy (NAA) of Azerbaijan, and Gazi University in Turkey. The conference will take place in a hybrid format, allowing both in-person and limited online participation, at the National Aviation Academy (NAA) in Baku.

The conference will focus on the rarely utilized and highly significant concept of “University-Industry Collaboration” in an international scientific conference format. Within the framework of this collaboration, specific procedures and algorithms are planned to be developed to practically apply scientific achievements in the industrial-business environment. The languages of IIMTC 2023 are English, Turkish, and Azerbaijani.

The main theme of IIMTC 2023 is “Innovation Management and TRIZ/Theory of Innovative Problem Solving.” However, applicants are encouraged to present original research studies in the fields of Social Sciences, Applied Sciences, and Technology. High-quality, accepted papers and presentations will be published in conference proceedings indexed on ISSUU, Index Copernicus, Google Scholar, Calameo, Zenodo, in both English and Turkish.

Papers will be published in international journals indexed in SCOPUS, and selected ones will be published in journals indexed in Springer

Additionally, full texts, at the discretion of the editor, will be published as book chapters in one or more international edited e-books by the International Publisher for Academic Promotion and Professorship Applications in December 2023.

Note: Certificates will be awarded to all participants.”