TOPICS: Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

– Adoption of IT for social inclusion and transformation
– Application of Artificial intelligence
– Cryptocurrencies, the block-chain, and the new economic/social mechanisms
– Disaster Management and Innovation
– Education technologies
– Entrepreneurship
– Financial/Business Management
– Global Logistics Management
– Innovations in banking and financial technologies
– Innovations in biotechnology, medicine and the fight against covid-19
– Innovations in protection technologies against natural and man-made disasters
– Innovations in land restoration and tourism technologies
– Innovations in oil and gas and alternative energies
– Innovations in space and aviation technologies
– Innovations in telecommunication systems and electronics
– Innovations in transportation
– Organizational innovation and business structures
– Product Design and Management
– Production and Operations Management
– Public Policy and Management
– Systematic innovation with TRIZ/Theory of Inventive Problem Solving
– Technology development philosophy and TRIZ
– Technology Management
– Technology/social innovation, technology-based social enterprises
– Telecommunication